Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Metrics of Modern Motherhood

Working mothers do a disservice to the rest when they pretend "balance" exists.  The devil's in the details, as always:

Typical work hours (@work only): 8:30-5:00
Number of weeknight hours worked per week: 6-10
Number of nights per month with 4 or fewer hours of sleep: 3-4
Number of hours spent per month working on weekends: 8
Typical hours worked while in trial or within two weeks of trial: 70-80

Number of fast-food/pizza/restaurant meals I eat each week: 15-17
Number of fast-food meals my four-year-old eats each week: 6
What I had to eat today: #14 (McDonald's) #11 (Jack In The Box)

Length of commute: 30 miles/60 round trip
Average time spent on commute (daily): 1:15 (carpool) 1:40 (solo)

Hours per workday child spends in daycare: 11.5
Hours per workday I provide direct childcare:  1
Hours per workday I spend playing with child: .5-1

Cost per psychology visit: $175
   (paid directly to avoid disclosure to employer/PCP)
Frequency of therapy visits: biweekly
Duration of therapy: 6 months

Time spent on housework on a typical M-F: 2-3 hours
Time spent on shopping/errands on a typical M-F: 4 hours*
How often I bring child with me on errands: 100%

Number of nights spent away from home for business travel in the last four years: appx. 60
Number of all-nighters spent working in the last four years: appx. 35
Number of workdays per month in which I leave before child wakes, arrive home after she sleeps: 3
Frequency of work-related nightmares/insomnia: 4/week

Years of law practice: 7+
Years of employment with current firm: appx. 8

Anticipated chance of receiving a partnership offer: 80%
Estimated time before receiving partnership offer: 11 months

Time spent playing with my child in the sunshine on a typical workday, September through May: 0

Number of days remaining before I give notice: 10


  1. I see that you've got just two posts here.

    I've RSS subscribed - if you're holding off because you're not sure you've got readers...you do!


  2. Thanks! It may take awhile for me to settle down and figure out what I'm doing here, so it's nice to know that people are taking an interest. In return, I am going to try like hell to be interesting.